Seelan Naidu

"From the age of 25 I got involved in Drugs, first it was Ecstacy which progressed to Cocaine. The drugs consumed my life for 19 years, I never succeeded with anything in my life, everything I did was to push myself away from my family. I  am grateful that my family took me to Solas Recovery Centre. Although I came from a Hindu background, I was willing to go to a Christian Rehabilitation Centre. My eyes and mind have been opened, thanks to the staff at Solas and most of all thanks to God for showing me Grace. I wish I had the opportunity to be  at Solas at an earlier stage of my life. I am clean and sober all thanks to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, because of Him I have now dedicated my life to helping young men who were like me''

Ricardo Leenders

After using drugs for 34 years I completed my Recovery program at Solas Recovery Centre and have been clean and sober for 3 years now. All Glory be to Jesus Christ. 

Ruan Lingenfelder

Clean and Sober since April 2018

Sinner saved by Grace. Glory to Christ Alone

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